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Our corporate headquarters is within the LA area, allowing our owner and top-level managers to be immediately available to address concerns and resolve problems as they occur. We are innovative and aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we have defined and are always seeking further knowledge and challenges. We strive for absolute professionalism in everything we do and want to show every client the necessary options for their security needs. Understanding exactly what is required is our specialty and stationing our best-qualified officers to fit your individual needs is our goal.

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Ready 24h Security Services is a local security contract company in Los Angeles, CA.


The bulk of hotel security’s day is filled with patrolling hotel grounds, parking lots, lobbies, restaurants, and hallways.

Hotel Security Service


Securing the exterior and interior entries of a building is one of tasks for office security.

Vechile Patrol Security Service


Vehicle patrol security guards protect your facility by mitigating several risks including assaults, thefts, and vandalism around property.


Security Guards survey the areas to which they’re assigned in order to detect illegal activity, suspicious behavior, or dangerous situations.


Construction Site security officers provide a security presence and construction site security.

Event Security

Event security guards provide protection and aid for attendees at events like conferences, shows, and concerts.

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What Make Us Different From Others


Foot patrol, walkway patrol, carport patrol, patrol cars and security trailers, alarmed response, crime and 911 emergency reporting, on-site guards, 24 hour dispatch,


GS3000 Patrol Guard Tour System, better known as the Detex System if a client requests for patrol tracking. The GS3000 Patrol Guard Tour System features the latest in memory chip technology and comes in an extremely durable hanheld scanning device format.


The best and latest technology to ensure the Officers presence in addition to assuring the clients peace of mind by providing accurate time reporting and billing.


We use signs to insure that the message is being passed on to the any trespasser that unwanted trespassers will be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, thus serving as a deterrent.


We routinely issue each security officer a uniform wardrobe and equipment consisting of all necessary patches, tools, clips and gear.

Licensed Officer

Supervisors Train, Counsel, Inspect and Evaluate our officers. It is when the officer reaches his assignment that supervision becomes such an important factor. Our supervisors train, counsel, inspect, evaluate and when necessary discipline officers on site.


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You can call us on (+1) 818-800-1143 to discuss your security requirement

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Services are offered on a trial basis so you do not have to sign a long term contract. Ready 24h Security offers the most competitive rates in Southern California. Dispatch Center and Management Team access is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Highly trained officers licensed for CPR, first aid, pepper spray, baton and firearms permits who also have the power to arrest. Marked patrol car and foot patrol services are available for total security coverage. Cellular phone and radio service is provided to our officers for instant connection to supervision and clients. Give us a chance to prove ourselves to you with a no-risk free trial offer. We will make you happy you did!

You can call us on (+1) 818-800-1143 to discuss your security requirement

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