Mobile phone is the basic need of everyone, and have become the most used gadget globally.

According to a report, there are almost 4.8 Billion phones used worldwide and the numbers are rapidly increasing day by day. Smartphone manufacturers are in competition to give most user friendly, well designed, fastest and multi feature phones.

There are a number of brands available in the market which are bringing up different mobile phones with good specifications and are being sold according to their features. Few of the brands offer some luxurious devices and which make them stand out amongst others while there are some brands offer budget devices for those whose budgets are limited.

Which phone is best? The question mostly commonly asked worldwide.

We have a short list of smartphones, depending on our experience and market research. 

1. Samsung

samsung brand

Samsung is Korean company having a share of 31.14% of total smartphones used in the world. From the very start this brand was famous for its best camera result, display and Design, which is still being carried by the company comprehensively. Samsung is the first company to provide a curved screen on their phones. For example, Galaxy note edge, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8 Edge etc.

They need a few improvements in their phones like the Battery life needs to be improved, as it is not long lasting with a poor life. Thermal management system (Cooling) is very poor, most of the phones get hot very quickly especially on games with heavy graphics, and takes too much time to come back to its normal temperature.

2. IPhone (Apple)

iphone brand

Apple is US Company having a share of 26.8% of total smartphones used worldwide. IPhone is considered to be the pioneer of Smartphone industry, but it looks Samsung has beat it with its low budget phones. Apple was among the first manufacturers to introduce finger touchscreens and many other useful features. It’s the popularity of Android which makes iPhone to be placed on the 2nd number. The software is too complicated as compared to Android 

If we look at hardware point of view, apple is still the best hardware producing company, Software security is the 2nd plus point of this brand, and this might be the reason apple is still alive in the smartphone market. Apple has a unique UI and quite difficult to use for those who are familiar with other phones. High Cost Apps, expensive phones and no customizations are the factors which brought it down. Port standards are not being followed, charging cables and headphones are not commonly available.

3.  Huawei   

Huawei brads

Huawei is a chines company with 10.38% market shares which makes it 3rd most selling brand. As compared to Samsung and IPhone Huawei came very late to smartphone industry and announced its first ever smart phone in 2009. Huawei is a fast growing brand and if it continues its journey, it will definitely lead the world in smartphone production. Huawei is manufacturing low cost smartphones with advanced features as compared to IPhone and Samsung.

Huawei’s future depends on its relations with Google. Google is a giant of information technology and a smartphone without Google Services may not make it to the top, it will be the biggest challenge for Huawei to overcome.

It has to focus the quality of Display and Software stability, which is not up to the mark so far. The recently lunched Huawei MateX is great millstone achieved by Huawei which has a foldable screen.      

4. Xiaomi

xiaomi brands

Xiaomi is also a chines company founded in 2010 and captured market shares of 8.35%. Xiaomi is a tough competitor with Huawei, especially incase Huawei fails to build its relations with Google. Xiaomi is highly focused on hardware and other gadgets associated with smartphones like smartwatches.

It has to improve its Camera result, Thermal management system and User Interface needs to be more user friendly as it is quite complicated.

Xiaomi has to improve its product marketing which I believe is not enough or it’s not well advertised in my country. Components are rare in the market, making it difficult to repair your phone.  

5. OPPO   

top 5 mobile brands

Oppo was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Guangdong, China, having market shares 4.71%. The company is highly focused on its hardware and introduced some attractive hardware features like motorized and rotatable cameras, Display quality, good thermal management system, battery life etc.