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Recently Govt of Pakistan imposed Ban on smuggled and imported phones, although it’s badly affected the business of mobile shopkeepers and made it difficult for common people to buy phones at cheap rates, however, it is good to step taken by the FBR.

In this way Govt will be able to collect a huge amount of TAX, secondly, Mobile phones will be imported in a proper way which will increase the chances of Mobile phone investors in the country.

Users must be very careful about buying a used phone. You have to properly check the IMEI number as it can be tempered in some cases.

The Tax of your mobile depends on the market value of the phone and Dollar rate. Let’s find how much Tax you have to pay to PTA if your mobile is blocked.

Tax Calculation List For Mobile Phones In Pakistan

Serial NoMobile actual priceApplicable tax
1USD 30-100Rs3,600
2USD 100-200Rs5,400
3USD 200- 350Rs7,200
4USD 350-500Rs20,700
5more than USD 500Rs40,390

Mobile actual Price means the Price of mobile in the international market, it’s not the price on which you have bought the old phone.

For Example, Samsung S8 is available at Rs.30, 000 in the market in used condition, but 30,000 is not its actual price. The actual price is USD 350.00 which is PKR 58,642.50

Which means it falls under 4th Category and its PTA Tax will be round about Rs.20, 000.

4USD 350-500Rs20,700

Let’s make it more simplified, Thanks to, as they made it more easy, you can select your model number and it will show you the estimated PTA Tax you have to pay.