You are currently viewing Impact Of DIRBS – Millions Of Mobile IMEIs Blocked

According to new report of PTA, DIRBS blocked million of Mobile IMEIs. Replica, Fake, Cloned, Duplicate, and stolen devices IMEI are blocked.

CategoryBlocked IMEI
Replica /Fake24.3 Million
Cloned Duplicate657 Thousand
Stolen Mobile175 Thousand

Mostly those are effected who purchased used phone without proper checking. Now a days people use fake method to clone/replica someone phone IMEI and assign to a new mobile without paying custom duty, but these fake method won’t last longer and will be caught one day. So lets know how to recognize a mobile which has original PTA approved IMEI number.

How to check mobile IMEI if it is replica, clone of fake one?

Non techie just go to setting and note the IMEI number for DIRBS to check if it is registered or not but believe me this way is not a good practice to follow while purchasing phone.

Best way to check the original IMEI number of a phone is to follow the steps given below.

  1. Hard rest The Mobile Phone
  2. Install the official Apps from Playstore
  3. Copy the IMEI number using Copy option in the app
  4. Check in DIRBS if it is registered or not.

So hope this will open your eyes and will save you from a fraud market.